Introduction to teaching for PhD students and Teaching Assistants

At request of the University Council and the Board of Governors of the University, ICLON developed a course to prepare PhD’s and Teaching Assistants for their tasks as a beginning teacher. During the last few years more than 300 PhD’s and TA’s already participated in the course.


This beginners course aims at the formulation of learning goals, choosing the right content en working method and, of course, at teaching and coaching of students.

The course consists of:
- about 10 hours of selfstudy (preparatory assignments will be sent)
- a daily period (morning/afternoon) in which there is plenty of exercise and exchange of ideas (4 hrs)

Learning objectives

At the end of the training the participant is able to:
- formulate a personal view on teaching
- formulate learning goals and incorporating them in your teaching
- choose appropriate working methods
- prepare activating working methods and give coaching on them
- deal with troublesome behavior
- reflect on your personal style of instructing, presenting and coaching
- give and receive feedback

Dates, time and location

Date 2016 Time Location
Thursday 12 May   09.00 - 13.00 Wassenaarseweg 62A room A2.03
The presentation of the certificates
Monday 20 June 2016 16.00 - 18.00 Wassenaarseweg 62A

Costs and registration

The costs in 2016 are €125 for Leiden University lecturers and €275 for lecturers from outside Leiden University.

Employees of Leiden University can register via Self Service.
You can enroll, as long as the course is visible in Self Service. Would you be so kind to send us an e-mail in case you register 7 days before the course begins? So we can mail you the preparation assignment as soon as possible.

Others can register by returning the completed and signed registration form to us (by email or by post).

If the date of the course is no longer in the overview in Self Service, this means that the course is full. In that case you can register for the same course on another date. If there isn’t another date, please send us an e-mail. As soon as there are enough people interested in the course, we will plan a new date and we will notify you.

See also: Registration, cancellation and certificate

More information

mr. D.M. (Daan) Romein MSc

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