Culture of quality


ICLON has broad experience in supporting study programmes and institutions through the accreditation process.

Curriculum assessment

The assessment of a number of related study components, such as entire study year or an entire curriculum requires an approach that differs from a course evaluation in a number of aspects.

Quality assurance systems

Happy students, satisfied future employers, a high return rate, a good name and a high intake. How can a study programme systematically deliver, demonstrate and assure quality?

Support in self-assessment

As a rule, writing a self-assessment and preparing for an audit costs a study programme an entire year for a fulltime employee going through the process for the first time. You can hire us to assist you through the process of accreditation.

Designing or redesigning a programme

Designing an entirely new study programme or redesigning an existing programme requires a systematic approach. Thanks to its broad experience, ICLON can coach you through this process.

Test audit

A test audit is a good preparation for employees, managers and students to prepare for an upcoming audit or accreditation round.

Quick scan accreditation

The purpose of a quick scan is to offer a programme insight into how likely it is to receive accreditation and where there is room for substantial improvement.

Course evaluations

Systematically asking students about their experiences and opinions regarding the study programme forms part of every quality assurance system.